Wood combs are typically lighter in weight, and also have softer bristles, which can reduce damages to the scalp, and also enhance the flow of blood. This, consequently, can enhance the quality of hair, make you feel extra loosened up, and produce oil much more normally, making scalp dryness and itching go away.
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Is it good to brush with wooden comb?
A wood comb can solve your problem as it boosts oil manufacturing and also is very gentle on your scalp. The rounded teeth of a wood comb are soft and stop scalp irritability. They also avoid the unwell circulation of oil, keeping dandruff at bay.
Which wooden comb is best for hair growth?
Not just do the all-natural and atmosphere pleasant Neem combs feel remarkable, however they do a great deal of excellent to your scalp wellness. Routine brushing with these combs prevent dandruff in addition to scalp infections. This comb maintains hair health, decreases hair loss & removes dandruff. Made up of 100% Herbal Neem Timber.
Can wood comb be cleaned?

The very best means to cleanse a wood comb is to saturate it in cozy water blended with moderate soap or cleaning agent for 2 to 3 minutes. Carefully wipe any dust or debris from the comb, running a little item of cloth with each tine. If there are stubborn deposit left even after cleaning, scrub the comb delicately with an old tooth brush.
Can I utilize wooden comb on damp hair?
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Any kind of comb (plastic/wooden) ought to not be utilized on damp hair since when hair are wet they are prone to damage. The hair strands are softer and a lot more flexible when damp as well as combing would lead to too much breakage and uprooting. So wait on them to dry out a little bit.