When whipped cream is added to a dessert, it adds texture, flavor and a sense of elegance. Store-bought cool whip is a practical option, however it can leave a little to be desired when it concerns taste and texture. Working up flavored whipped cream in the house is simple, and it can make any dish or beverage feel unique.
The best flavored whipped cream can turn desserts, milkshakes and coffee into an indulgent experience for the entire household. The best whipped cream dishes start with heavy light whipping cream, and they often include a stabilizer such as gelatin or gum tragacanth, powdered sugar and vanilla extract. They are likewise made with cold tools, such as a bowl and whisk or a hand mixer and beaters, to assist avoid over-whipping the liquid.

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A few drops of any flavoring can significantly alter the overall taste of the whipped cream. Popular flavors for whipped cream include chocolate, mint, cinnamon and orange. Other components that can be utilized to boost whipped cream include coffee and coconut. For a sweeter treat, try adding a few tablespoons of caramel syrup to the cream for an extra increase of sweetness.
To infuse the whipped cream with a more robust taste, try soaking ground herbs or other spices into the cream beforehand. Senior food editor Rick Martinez recommends that the herbs or spices be placed in a sealed container and left to infuse anywhere from 3 hours to over night. After the herbs have actually had time to infuse, he recommends straining them before blending. Martinez once made horchata whipped cream by soaking ground rice in the cream for eight hours before whipping it.
Another way to add taste to whipped cream is by utilizing a citrus enthusiasm or other fruit, such as a lemon or lime. Including the zest to the cream is as basic as chopping the peel and then sprinkling it into the mix. The passion will add a subtle citrus taste without the bitterness of the white pith that is typically discovered in citrus fruits.
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Other fruit-infused whipped creams that can be made consist of strawberry, blueberry and raspberry. All of these whipped creams work well on top of cakes, such as Brown Butter Peach Upside Down Cake and Chocolate Pots de Creme, as well as with fresh fruit or in smoothies. For a winter season reward, try peppermint-flavored whipped cream to couple with hot chocolate or to garnish a traditional dessert like a peppermint brownie.
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Floral whipped creams are likewise a beautiful addition to many meals and beverages. Among the most popular whipped cream recipes utilizes blooming jasmine, which is intoxicating to smell and to eat. Jasmine whipped cream pairs well with chocolate desserts and likewise a wide variety of fruity crisps. Another floral whipped cream that is a favorite is rose. This whipped cream is scrumptious on its own or with most types of fruit, including strawberries, kiwi and bananas. It is a wonderful accompaniment to cakes and other desserts and works particularly well with sponge cake and chocolate puddings.