For the woodworker trying to find a little bit to assist make perfect dadoes, inlays and also various other great finish work that entails cutting on top surface area of the piece, a downcut little bit is the very best selection. These little bits are created to reduce downward into the material and also shear cross-grain fibers with no surface area tear-out, making certain crisp, greatly specified edges. This down reducing activity likewise helps avoid the dings and damages that commonly go along with up cut spiral little bits when made use of in these sorts of applications. These double-fluted strong carbide bits can be utilized in a Veritas dive base for rotating devices or in a router table with a bushing adapter (available independently).
60 degree router bit

When picking the appropriate kind of little bit for your application you require to take into consideration exactly how the work surface will be held down on the router bed as well as whether you desire tidy show face borders or harsh bottom edge surfaces. Up cut little bits enable faster cutting due to the fact that they pull chips up out of the work and also in the direction of the router, however that can result in splintering on the top edge of the little bit cuts which can be visible when the completed job is assembled.
spiral flush trim bit
router bit with bearing
To distinguish a backwards and forwards cut little bit rapidly, take a look at the flutes on the much appropriate side of the little bit as well as see if they twist left about to the pointer of the bit. If they do, it is an up reduced little bit. If the grooves are turning right toward the back of the bit, it is a down reduced little bit.