Stuffed pets with magnetic hands and feet are a fun and also unique gift that can be utilized anywhere there’s a magnetic surface. Magnet Mates can be made use of to hang from backpacks, cable boxes, potted plants, and also more! These luxurious playthings are made of premium PP cotton and also include hidden magnets that stay with metal surfaces. Your youngster will certainly love to have fun with these vibrant toys! You can also use them to decorate your fridge.

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stuffed tiger
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To include a magnet to a packed pet with magnetic hands, you need to initially open up a joint in the back. You wish to position the magnet in the back of the pet’s neck where it’s not visible. If this joint does not open up properly, you can cover it with a ribbon. A seam ripper can be utilized for this job, but a sharp blade functions well as well. In either case, beware not to harm the fabric or the fibers.